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Founded in 1989 and based in Nice, France,
ATTIC Traduction offer translation and interpretation services in French, English and 30+ languages, anywhere in the world. Request a quote

Written translation

The translation of a document, regardless of its nature, requires of the translator not only an excellent knowledge of the source language, but especially complete mastery of the target language. This is why all ATTIC translators, while perfectly bilingual in their "experience" of their two working languages, systematically translate only into their mother tongue.

This basic principle guarantees the fluency and editorial quality of the final document, with all the linguistic subtleties specific to a mother tongue. In addition to this principle, the translator is selected according to the type of document to be translated (technical, scientific, advertising, legal, commercial, etc). Thanks to our experience, we can form teams of translators each working in their specific fields, according to their skills and preferences.

The documents translated can be supplied through all media (e-mail, ftp, fax, mail, etc) and in all available formats (word, xpress, powerpoint, html, excel, pdf, etc). This enables us in most cases to respect the initial layout of the document entrusted to us. The cost of translation is based on the number of words in the original text, so we can make final estimates with definite deadlines for delivery.